constantly getting told you’re lazy and that you’re not trying hard enough when you’re trying your hardest is probably one of the most hurtful feelings ever  

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"reverse racism" is a thing made up by saltine cracker no tomato soup white people. it’s 2013. there are printers that can print in 3D and make a pizza and y’all still wanna shout "reverse racism" at whoever makes you uncomfortable. sit down and drink a V8, U look a little pale. 


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Day 25 Favorite Monster Girl.Nagas. Who knew they’d be so fun to draw? Especially with their colors. Also I really like doing the henna designs.

oh oh oh i did not know about nagas! I WANT TO BE ONE

Naga party




Day 25 Favorite Monster Girl.

Nagas. Who knew they’d be so fun to draw? Especially with their colors. Also I really like doing the henna designs.

oh oh oh i did not know about nagas! I WANT TO BE ONE

Naga party

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shout out to my 400+lb ladies who get almost no recognition ever in even body positive and fatshion spaces

you’re amazing, you’re wonderful, you matter

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Nicki Minaj is not a woman who easily slides into the roles assigned to women in her industry or elsewhere. She’s not polished, she’s not concerned with her reputation, and she’s certainly not fighting for equality among mainstream second-wave feminists. She’s something else, and she’s something equally worth giving credence to: a boundary-breaker, a nasty bitch, a self-proclaimed queen, a self-determined and self-made artist. She’s one of the boys, and she does it with the intent to subvert what it means. She sings about sexy women, about fucking around with different men. She raps about racing ahead in the game, imagines up her own strings of accolades, and rolls with a rap family notorious for dirty rhymes, foul mouths, and disregard for authority and hegemony.

While Beyoncé has expanded feminist discourse by reveling in her role as a mother and wife while also fighting for women’s rights, Minaj has been showing her teeth in her climb to the top of a male-dominated genre. Both, in the process, have expanded our society’s idea of what an empowered women looks like — but Minaj’s feminist credentials still frequently come under fire. To me, it seems like a clear-cut case of respectability politics and mainstreaming of the feminist movement: while feminist writers raved over Beyoncé’s latest album and the undertones of sexuality and empowerment that came with it, many have questioned Minaj’s decisions over the years to subvert beauty norms using her own body, graphically talk dirty in her work, and occasionally declare herself dominant in discourse about other women. (All of these areas of concern, however, didn’t seem to come into play when Queen Bey did the same.)


Nicki Minaj’s Feminism Isn’t About Your Comfort Zone: On “Anaconda” and Respectability Politics | Autostraddle (via becauseiamawoman)

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"The police can go to downtown Harlem and pick up a kid with a joint in the streets. But they can’t go into the elegant apartments and get a stockbroker who’s sniffing cocaine."

Noam Chomsky

I’ve seen more drugs behind the brick walls of my private college than I have ever even heard of back home in my hood.

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It’s a known fact that you will find more drugs,especially hard drugs, in the suburbs than in the hood

There are so many drug users & dealers at my job right now it isn’t even funny, & I’m not talking about (just) weed.

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"Black people toe the line for white hegemony because it is a matter of survival. They need jobs. They need food on the table. Their bosses are white. Voices that aren’t reassuring are stamped out. You won’t last in a white majority space as a black person speaking this way, and boy do I know it. You have to be palatable and agreeable to white hegemony. - Atane"

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Yo when I first read these words…it brought me back to a space when I worked in corporate sales.  I remembered what it felt like EVERY time something ‘BIG’ (according to them) went down with Black people(e.g. Rodney King, OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, Hurricane Katrina man I damn near lost my job cursing out the president of my co. at a luncheon over some of the larceny and malice spilling out his fat fucking mouth. IRONY he was Latino o_O & that’s a WHOLE other post on the ‘Double Agent’ part duex (the Latin tides that divide) I digress…Oh and lets not forget the DC sniper John Allen Muhammad  (especially the ‘plot twist’ when  an astounding # of white folks in the office found out he was Black o_O)

Now I ‘know the rule’ PRR makes for bad company in the workplace when you’re working in a majority mayonnaise place (hegemony).  PRR is Politics, Religion & Race.  If you’re black you really can’t talk about these things too loosely if at all in the mayo setting. Must stay ‘neutral’ in your views or quiet.  I remember sitting uncomfortably through ‘small talks’ during client booze n smooze hrs. Office parties and dinners.  I remember being perhaps 1 or 2 (maybe 3) Black women employed in the office. There was a point I was the lone ONE Black Woman in a fairly large national advertising company.

When my friend Atane wrote that, I thought about all those times. I thought about how loose white folks become with the language because I rarely said anything challenging them when it came to PRR (exception of the presidential curse out)

Why? Simply Rent, bills and LIFE expenses. I’m not in the biz of being homeless n all that hardship hard knock life so I’ll picked the lesser of the evils at the time :-(

But why the fuck should I had to pick?? Why?? These loosie goosie muthafuckas walking around me working with me saying all sorts of commentary bullshit about what they ‘think’ they know in such a shit talk way like it was oooookay o_o. 

I’ve since then left that corporate farm and now I work for myself (Fine Art and working Domme so I’m ‘Independently Contracted’) and I will say, for the most part it’s been alright. No major PRR heat.

In Domme-land there are intersectional tie ins with fetishzational race shit.  But it’s a proclivity driven ‘job’.  So I can pick and choose who I want to slap n beat.  But it does have it’s racial moments which I eradicate from my sphere immediately.  

In Art, at the schools & such, we stick to the script of doing & talking Art.  It does lend itself to an ‘escapism’ of sorts & I appreciate a lot of the spaces I’ve worked in.  HOWEVER, once in a while, a group of folks I’ve worked with always manage to become like the corporate folks with their prejudice (racists) remarks. Today I was shifted back into that space.  Now I’m a Black Woman who has a strong presence in a room. I know this.  Nude or clothed. But being nude listening to the streams of racially biased conversation while they painted & drew me became uncomfortable. 

There’s a Jewish woman, A Danish woman and a Mexican woman (who I thought she was Polish or something when I first met her though talk about ‘race identification’ ‘plot twist’ o_O she mainly talks about merry ole Europe & for some reason her accent sounds Turkish to me; weird I know o_O) These broads are CNN, FOX watchers and NYT readers (yes new york times has turned to shit reporting for the most part). They got the stories ALL fucked up from the Israel Palestine issue to the Eric Garner issue (no one even thought of speaking about Mike Brown…trust me my naked ass was waiting on it today & that would’ve cost me this gig)  When the Mexican woman said, “Well the police has a hard job and he was overweight (echoed supremacy sentiment from some paper undoubtedly because it sounded word for word like an article I recently read) and he was selling cigars why was he resisting?”  The Danish woman agreed with the Mexican and the Jewish woman said nothing because I guess from her ‘work’ in Louisiana during the Civil Rights Movement days, she had enough of that.  What was telling though is the fact that SHE didn’t say anything (the Jewish woman…which is expected quite frankly because her head is all into the Pro Israelies vs Palestine Gaza Strip situation. Nonetheless, I  looked at the lady who was ill informed about police brutality as it pertained to Eric Garner, promptly broke pose and told her the FACTS (breaking up a fight, had no cigs on him, cop doing the illegal choke hold and has a record of doing bad shit to people etc…)  Then I stopped and said, “where the hell do you get your ‘news’ lady because it’s very incomplete!” She just sighed and said some dismissive shit and I just said y’all know what, “I need to take a longer break”

Awkward silence followed for the rest of the session. 

I realized, I was ‘jeopardizing’ my indie business by speaking out…. Do we ‘play nice Aura’ and say nothing & get more bookings? Or do we set records straight and scare these ole biddies with Naked Black Truths (literally because I’m a nude model) & wreck the money maker?  Then I was like, these broads are old(er) I have nothing to explain about Black life, Black Issues because the callous build up is too strong on their brains.  Also from their expressed views, I’m not even willing to be that ‘ask a Black person’ information hub.  Fuck that! It would be wasted breaths.

But it brings me back here to this space of why the fuck should I have to be quiet about some shit I know aint right?? Why?? These loosie goosie muthafuckas walking around me, working with me saying all sorts of bullshit like its oooookay o_o.

I don’t think I’ll be working with them after this summer season. My naked Black ass doesn’t have to tolerate anyone making me feel uncomfortable in the workplace ESPECIALLY in a ‘job’ doing what I like/love to do.

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